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Boswellic acids: the active ingredient in boswellia serrata

How does boswellia serrata help with arthritis?                               

Boswellia serrata is commonly used for arthritis treatment due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Its primary therapeutic functions work hand in hand to alleviate the symptoms of the disease.

Rheumatoid arthritis is one of the most common types of arthritis. It is a chronic autoimmune disease that causes damage to the cartilage and soft tissues in the joints. As a result, joints become red, swollen and painful. Rheumatoid arthritis can also cause eye inflammation, nodules under the skin, and make you feel generally unwell.

Arthritis is a disease, which affects joints in one or more parts of the body.  People suffering from arthritis complain of painful joints and difficulties in moving. Those with advanced arthritis also experience muscle weakness and loss of flexibility.