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  • ashwagandha plant
  • Health Benefits of Ashwagandha

    What is Ashwagandha

    Ashwagandha is a medicinal herb from the nightshade family.

    The word ashwagandha comes from the sanskrit language. It is a combination of words ashva (meaning horse) and gandha (meaning smell). The phrase comes from the strong smell of ashwagandha root, which is described as horse-like. It also refers to the traditional belief that after ingesting ashwagandha you develop the...
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  • woman taking resveratrol supplement
  • How to Take Resveratrol Supplements

    How Much Resveratrol Should You Take?

    Typical recommendations for resveratrol supplementation range between 200 and 500 mgs of resveratrol per day. Most supplements fall somewhere in this interval; it is considered that this dose is high enough to get the health benefits of resveratrol, while at the same time being safe for long term use.

    Studies made to date haven't found any...
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  • resveratrol capsules
  • Popular Resveratrol Supplements

    How to Read the Label

    Trans-Resveratrol Content

    The most important thing to look for is how much trans-resveratrol is within the resveratrol supplement.

    Resveratrol comes in two molecular forms: cis-resveratrol and trans-resveratrol.

    Trans-resveratrol is the one, which is biologically more active. This is the form of resveratrol that has been studied in clinical studies and offers...
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  • wine and grapes
  • Health Benefits of Resveratrol

    What is Resveratrol

    Resveratrol is a natural substance, found in many plant sources. Plants produce resveratrol in response to various stresses from the environments, such as UV radiation, heat, fungal infections, and injury. In nature, resveratrol can be found in grapes, red grape juice and wine, peanuts, and berries (mulberries, blueberries, cranberries, and bilberries). In grapes, resveratrol can...
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  • probiotic pills
  • Top Probiotic Supplements

    Day to Day Supplements

    Day to day probiotic supplements are a valuable part of daily supplement regime. They are helpful for maintaining health; they support the immune system, and promote regular digestion. These supplements include:

    Flora Udo’s Choice

    Flora Udo’s Choice is a blend of 6 well known beneficial bacterial strains that come either from the Bifidobacteria or...
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  • girl takes probiotic supplement
  • How To Choose the Right Probiotic Supplement?

    Things To Look For When Choosing Your Probiotics

    Probiotic supplements can provide a range of health benefits. They can help you restore your intestinal flora after a course of antibiotics, they can ease diarrhea from an infection, they help improve the functioning of the immune system, alleviate symptoms of gastrointestinal disease, and more.

    That is why there is no surprise that there are many...
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  • Probiotic Supplements
  • How to Take Probiotic Supplements


    The usual dose for healthy adults is between 1 and 10 billion probiotics per day. This is the dose that is recommended for maintaining healthy gut microflora and preventing disease.

    When you are taking probiotics for some specific reason, such as for example replenishing the ‘good bacteria’ in your intestines after a course of antibiotics, you might want to increase this dose until your...
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